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Error or Fault Codes that show up on the display of your Bosch washing machine are not there to frighten you – they’re useful indicators that something is wrong that needs putting right. 

How to Identify Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes 

Error or Fault Codes that show up on the display of your Bosch washing machine are not there to frighten you – they’re useful indicators that something is wrong that needs putting right. 
An error code needn’t sound the death knell for your Bosch washer – in fact just the opposite. It gives you a “heads up” so you can identify and fix an issue before it becomes more serious. 
When you see an error code on your Bosch washing machine it could well be something you can fix yourself, but if not you’ll need to call in a qualified repair engineer from a company like Service 87, who are the laundry appliance repair experts covering the GU & RG postcode districts in the Hampshire/Surrey border area, along the A31 corridor. 
Let Service 87 know as soon as you notice an error code on your Bosch washing machine and we’ll arrange to come to effect prompt, professional repairs. Book a repair time slot online, or by phone, and we’ll send you a link enabling you to track the engineer until he gets to you to solve your Bosch washing machine error code problem. 
Bosch error codes can be confusing, and they’re not much use for troubleshooting if you don’t know what they mean. 
We’ve therefore put together a guide to Bosch washing machine error codes, which generally consist of the letter “E” or “F” followed by a two-digit number. Some older Bosch washing machines may simply alert you to a problem with flashing lights on the front panel. 
Take note of the error code before you contact us because it helps to diagnose any problems with your washing machine if it is malfunctioning. 

A Guide to Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes 

E16 or F16 
This error code indicates that the door is open – you probably haven’t closed it properly. If the code persists even once the door is closed check there is no obstruction with the door lock, that the child lock is not activated, whether the machine is overloaded or a piece of laundry is caught in the latch. If none of these measures solve the problem then you’ll need to call in a Bosch Washing machine engineer
E18 of F18 
This error code can usually be fixed quickly and easily. It usually means the machine has a blockage in the filter, drain hose or a kink in the cold water inlet hose. If this is the case the machine will not start, or will stop during a wash cycle. You can clean out the pump filter after turning the machine off by opening and removing the service flap at the base of the machine. Remove the pump cover slowly (there’ll be a quantity of water released), clean it thoroughly, then refit it and close the flap. You should also check for blockages and kinks in the drainage hose. If the error persists after you’ve done this, it means there’s something more ominous happening and you’ll need to call out a repair engineer
E19 or F19 
When this error code appears on your washing machine display it indicates that there is a problem with the heat exchanger. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with by a professional appliance engineer.  
E20 or F20 
This error code indicates that your Bosch washing machine is unexpectedly heating during its cycle. You can try resolving the issue by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, then turning it back on. If the code is still displayed after this reset then it’s time to call a professional for help. 
E23 or F23 
You’ll see this error code when your washing machine has sprung a leak. It is triggered when water enters the machine’s bottom tray, activating the Aquastop system. Disconnect the machine from the electricity and turn off the water straight away, then call 01420 481120 so we can get a repair engineer out to you as soon as possible. 
E25 or F25 
A Bosch washing machine displaying this code has experienced a fault with the turbidity sensor – the device used to measure the quality of the water in the drum. If it fails it could disable the drainage action and the machine will just keep running. Book a professional repair engineer to fix it. 
E26 or F26 
This error code points to a problem with the analogue pressure sensor in the washing machine. This is the instrument that determines how much water is in the machine as the cycle moves on. A faulty sensor stops the cycle from progressing and needs to be repaired or replaced. Call 01420 481120. 
This is by no means an exhaustive list of error codes for Bosch washing machines, but the above are all the most common errors and associated faults. Whatever error code your washing machine flags up, you can call us at Service 87 for advice.  
We’ll always suggest ways you can deal with the error alert yourself before having to get our engineers to come out. 


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