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Meaning of Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes 

Despite its impeccable reputation, even Hoover washing machines are susceptible to wear and tear, sometimes manifesting as malfunctions. When your Hoover washing machine encounters an issue, the most likely manifestation will be an error code displayed on the control panel, often accompanied by auditory alerts like beeps or flashing lights. 
While Hoover washing machine error codes don't pinpoint the exact nature of the malfunction, they can be valuable indicators of which component or system of the machine is experiencing a problem. 
To provide you with a clearer understanding of potential issues with your Hoover washing machine, we're sharing the error codes it may display. This knowledge can assist you in identifying the problem before requesting repair assistance. Having this information ready will enable our technicians to promptly diagnose the issue and provide effective troubleshooting. 
If any different codes appear wrong or don’t match the issue with your Hoover washing machine it could be because codes differ on some models and older Hoover machines. 

Guide to Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes 

Issue with the door lock. Check for a damaged lock, fault in the control board or any obstructions in the door.  
If the issue persists, please contact an engineer. 
Insufficient water supply. There may be an issue with the water inlet valve, or a blockage in the water supply hose. We recommend seeking professional advice from one of our engineers. 
Draining issue in the machine. Causes are often a blockage in a drain hose, or a faulty drain pump. You will need a professional to look at the problem. 
Too much water in the drum. An issue with the water level sensor. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
NTC fault when measuring the temperature of the water in the machine, and if there is a fault with the sensor. A range of issues can cause this such as faulty wiring, or malfunctioning control board. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Unbalanced load caused by overloading, or an uneven distribution of clothes. Distribute the clothes evenly in the machine, checking not to put too many in. 
Motor fault or wiring issue. Overloading, worn brushes, or faulty wiring can lead to this. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Motor speed sensor fault. This can be caused by incorrect motor speed, wiring, or control board issues. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Control board issue. Power surges, moisture or water damage. The safest approach will be to call one of our technicians to solve the problem safely. 
Drum sensor fault. Faulty drum sensor. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Dry sensor fault in the machine. Age/wear or tear, electrical interference. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Water heater fault. Clogged filter, faulty water inlet valve, low water pressure. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Motor tachometer fault. Faulty motor, loose or damaged wiring, faulty control board. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
This indicates a washing machine control board fault. Power surges, water damage. We recommend seeking professional advice. 
Regular maintenance of your Hoover washing machine can help prevent many common issues and may even allow you to resolve some problems yourself. Proper maintenance includes cleaning the filters, drains, and hoses regularly and installing the machine according to the instructions in the manual. 
If you find yourself unable to completely repair or mend the issue, or you just want the hassle taken care of for you, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Service 87. We’re just a phone call away and our engineers can come out the same day to fix your issue.  
We repair appliances across the GU postcode including Bordon GU35, Liss GU33, Petersfield GU31 & GU32, Guildford GU1 to GU4, Farnham GU10 & Aldershot GU11 & GU12. For more information visit or to book an engineer call us on 01420 481120 or email us at [email protected]. 


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